those who do not know are doomed to repeat etc, besides it’s fascinating

Friday Hoyden: Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman was a Russian Jewish immigrant to the USA, who spent her life being persecuted for her work campaigning for the rights of workers and marginalised groups of all kinds.

Vale Doc Neeson

I see an old post of mine about the Angels and their lead singer Doc Neeson and a certain song is getting some traffic over the last few days since his death. Looking at pictures, I can still feel that amazing energy he put into his performance.

Somebody’s Having a Birthday

It’s Shakespeare! Today is Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. Probably. Nominally. Well, we know he was baptised on the 26th, and it was usual for that to happen about three days after the birth. Also he died on April 23rd, 52 years later, so it appeals to our sense of symmetry.