Vale Doc Neeson

I see an old post of mine about the Angels and their lead singer Doc Neeson and a certain song is getting some traffic over the last few days since his death.

I had a poster that looked rather like this on my wall in the late 70s (after the release of the Face to Face album in 1978):

A tall lean man wearing black jeans, shirt and leather jacket is singing into a microphone with his mouth wide open and his eyes closed.

Doc Neeson singing lead vocals for The Angels.

Looking at pictures, I can still feel that amazing energy he put into his performance. As he aged and could no longer jump so high he nonetheless radiated intensity. He will be greatly missed.

I liked this obituary at Now that I’m over 50, I suppose I need to get used to the idea of my teen pop idols dropping off the twig as the years take their toll. I don’t have to to like it though.

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  1. He was an amazing live performer, and defined my move to music tastes independent of my parents. It is a sadness.

  2. I have found out so much about his sense of showmanship, which I never thought about when I was a slip of a girl dancing to The Angels. I have to say I had no idea of any of the band members names at that time: but I would recognise an Angels song by the first four bars.
    ‘No Secrets’ – greatest Angels song, evah. I have always thought she would slip off her shoes and then struggle slightly while removing her pantyhose. I also think “The smile she keeps for you” is delightfully romantic but also an indicator the singer thinks of women as ‘other’.
    I am finding I am wondering about Chrissie Hynde’s state of health, and hope she is well and likely to live long. We have already lost our Australian Chrissy.
    My goodness, we all had such bad hair then.

  3. I always assumed that Amanda the ‘actress’ was a sex worker and the smile she kept for her lover was the special thing between them.

  4. OMG! Revelation!
    Clearly, you know the lyrics: while I believe they go
    “da da da da da
    da da da da da
    and then comes the night
    da da da da da
    she slips off her stockings and shoes”
    It was music to dance to. And I lived a very sheltered life.

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