those who do not know are doomed to repeat etc, besides it’s fascinating

Pink science

To add to your bookmarks, here’s Cordelia Fine in New Scientist running through some more of the scientific evidence that gendered toys are a product of socialisation rather than genetics.

Friday Hoyden: Hortense Mancini

Hortense Mancini was married at fifteen to one of the richest men in Europe, who turned out to be an obsessive, violent, controlling abuser. She found a way to escape, and to live the rest of her life with an exuberance that would be difficult to match.

The attempts to shut women down continue

Two women who have been the subject of floods of contemptuous and dismissive abuse as part of their public life write about their experiences and point out that their experience is the cultural norm, not any outlier experience.

DUFC #69

Welcome to the 69th Down Under Feminists Carnival. This month read some of the best posts from January 2014.

Vale Pete Seeger 1919-2014

Some of the first songs I learnt to sing beyond nursery songs & school singalongs were Pete Seeger songs. I have no doubt that my politics today have largely grown from learning and loving these protest songs from an early age.