The milieu through which we swim

Otterday! And Open Thread

It’s ages since we’ve had an Otterday! This week’s Open Thread is hosted by an otter who learnt to use an asthma inhaler last year at an aquarium in Seattle:

Myths about alpha males redux

“Of course, even if the lupine origins of the alpha-male trope weren’t obsolete, the notion that the term can even apply to human social structures is inherently absurd.”

BFTP Friday Hoyden: Ching Shih

Feminist Frequency in its new series, #OrdinaryWomen: Daring to Defy History, is continuing its run of making awesome little profiles of awesome women who we’ve already profiled here at some time in the distant past. This time it’s nineteenth century… Read More ›

Quick Hit: Digital Writers’ Festival

Just started, and running until 11 November. All online. Jane Howard, Michaela McGuire and Kate Callingham are at the helm, and the lineup is amazing. It really is extraordinary how much they’re packing in, it must have been a phenomenal feat of… Read More ›