Follow @ShaunKing to see how President-Elect Trump has emboldened haters

I have been too aghast to blog for the last few days (so much for a solid NaBloPoMo), despite being tempted to just inundate you all with cat photos, because I’ve been alternating between doing anything but read about Trump, and then going back to being glued to Twitter. That’s where I first saw others retweeting @ShaunKing‘s (senior justice writer @NYDailyNews) reports of bigoted attacks explicitly tied to the election of Trump: it’s explicit because the harassers and attackers are gleefully telling their targets that Trump’s presidency makes minorities fair game for them.

Mashable shares a depressingly long list of hateful attacks shared online since Trump’s election: just a sampling of reports tweeted by Shaun King. Read it and weep, because it’s horrific to see so clearly what the haters have been holding in and now feel free to express.

There are however some bright spots:

A well worn banjo body with faded rainbow text around the edge

This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender ☮

When I did a search on this blog’s media library for images related to hate, the first result was this picture of the motto on Pete Seeger’s banjo, so I’m just going to leave it here as a reminder that there is a strong tradition of fighting against hate to tap into as well. I believe in the Americans of goodwill and generosity, and that they will ultimately prevail. It’s going to be a bumpy ride though.

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  1. For anyone feeling overwhelmed, numb, flattened, despairing, I offer the following:

    How To Get Through This: Tips From A Lifelong Depressive.

    Because despite how it feels now, you can survive it, and when you have, you can move on, or stand fast as the occasion demands.

  2. Thanks for sharing that, Megpie.

    I also found this NYT op-ed from Paul Krugman useful – acknowledge the horrific truth, and then find something positive to do.

    First of all, remember that elections determine who gets the power, not who offers the truth. The Trump campaign was unprecedented in its dishonesty; the fact that the lies didn’t exact a political price, that they even resonated with a large bloc of voters, doesn’t make them any less false. No, our inner cities aren’t war zones with record crime. No, we aren’t the highest-taxed nation in the world. No, climate change isn’t a hoax promoted by the Chinese.

    So if you’re tempted to concede that the alt-right’s vision of the world might have some truth to it, don’t. Lies are lies, no matter how much power backs them up.

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