Otterday! And Open Thread

It’s ages since we’ve had an Otterday! This week’s Open Thread is hosted by an otter who learnt to use an asthma inhaler last year at an aquarium in Seattle:

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Hi! We are launching into a full kitchen reno. Wish us luck and spoons.

    • Here’s wishing you materials that look just like what you ordered, and tradies who turn up when they say they will and do everything right first time xx

      • Fingers crossed… so far they have turned up on time and been pretty respectful of the space. Kitchen destroyed and electrical prep work done.

  2. I’ve been plugging away at the garden space in the back yard of the latest rental, and everything is busy blooming away like there’s no tomorrow (photos are up on Instagram – Megpie71, as always). However, this is a big block (old style block in an older suburb of Perth) and my partner and I haven’t really been worrying too much about the back half of the block. I hired some nice folks to come and hack down the overgrown jungle of weeds out there (because fire risk, among other things) and they got about 1/3rd of the space done, and then came back and told me “ummm… you’ve got snakes in there”.

    This did not surprise me, to be honest – it’s mostly dry grass, and I’ve been avoiding it since we first moved in here. I had warned them I thought it was likely to contain at least some wildlife of the reptilian variety, but clearly they’d decided I was just exaggerating. Nope. Snake dung, and lovely little pellets of horked-up bones and fur from mice and such.

    So they picked up, packed up, and said “we’re going to hand this on to our new guy on Monday, because he’s done the snake handling course and all”. So hopefully I’ll have a nice bloke show up tomorrow, complete with a slasher (of the weed removal variety, rather than the fan-fictional) and plenty of snake-proof gear, to finish the job of hacking down the overgrown undergrowth in what we’ve nicknamed the “lower forty”. In the meantime, I’ve warned the neighbours on either side about the risk (so they can keep kids and pets out of range of the vicinity of our back yard) and pulled out the crepe bandages to keep handy as a “snakebite first aid kit”.

    I figure I was very lucky to have gone through primary school in an area where the school was backed by undeveloped bushland, and where the schools collection of “things in formaldehyde” in the school library included a couple of rather large dugite snakes which had been found on school grounds. We got taught snakebite first aid as a matter of course: keep patient calm; pressure bandage and splint on affected limb; call ambulance; do not wash bite, cut bite, suck out poison or apply a tourniquet; don’t bother trying to kill the snake. So I refreshed my memory for that (and thought thankfully that at least in the era of mobile phones, keeping the patient calm can be outsourced to the nice people on the other end of 000 – hand phone to patient, tell them to call their own ambulance while I strap up the affected limb).

    • My own snake-learning was done growing up in a family of bushwalkers, so I’m with you on the preparation not panicking front. Hope the snake handler has a good day of it.

      • Well, I haven’t heard anything back from the gardening firm yet. Hopefully today (I’ll carry my phone around with me all day Just In Case, and thank gods I’m wearing one of the pairs of jeans with actual pockets today, rather than the ones with lady-pockets). If I haven’t heard anything by close of business today, I’ll be calling them up on Wednesday to ask “umm,okay, what’s going on here?”

        On the bright side: they haven’t submitted an account yet, either. So there’s that.

    • My favourite not panicking story (which may or may not be apocryphal, with a probably 50/50 chance) is the bloke who was working in a mostly empty water tank on a farm out past Gilgandra. He got bitten by a brown snake on the lower leg, and being too far from help and pre-mobile phones, he laid down next to the water tank to die. Woke up 8 hours later.

  3. I became an uncle a few days ago.

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