The milieu through which we swim

I could have done without this

Some readers with whom I’ve been invisible friends for some time know that my son, the Togster, has Asperger’s Syndrome, and thus has special educational needs. Like many Aspies, he is fairly high IQ and quite accomplished with maths/science/tech subjects,… Read More ›

Simple arguments

Two posts about gaping policy divides in Western society: Firstly Chris Clarke of Creek Running North: “some things are priceless, and the economy thus finds them worthless. “ Read the whole thing, which provoked the following comment from John from… Read More ›

One thinks Jess is brilliant

Via Kim at Larvatus Prodeo, Jess at ausculture exercises her peculiar talent as she watched the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games last week and reveals to the panting hordes: The Queen’s Thoughts On The Opening Ceremony (PICTORIAL EDITION) Makes… Read More ›


Back in the days of Taps, Risky Business and yes, even Top Gun the manic edge to the Tom Cruise grin added unpredictability to the characters he portrayed in a way viewers found intriguing. However, since the infamous Oprah couch-jumping… Read More ›

Wealth and justice in Orange County

The only reason these young men ever came to trial is that they not only videotaped their gang-rape and foreign object assault of their unconscious 16-year-old schoolmate Jane Doe, but they showed the tape to friends at parties to brag of what they’d done.

Iconic Trifecta

Slouch hats, Harbour Bridge and Opera House… …all it needs is a bloody koala. It’s a shame the boys with the big guns were in the shade while the morning sun was bouncing so brightly off the Opera House, because… Read More ›

Rumour mill

Heard on the radio this morning, a rumour is flying around that the reason for Qantas closing its Sydney airport heavy maintenance facilities is not that it was *required* as a cost-cutting measure, but that the airport operator, Macquarie Bank,… Read More ›

Cracker Sydney Comedy

So, I just got my tickets for Ross Noble in the Cracker Comedy Festival. I’ll probably also go to see Jackie Loeb, who I worked with a few years ago when she was going through a totally undeserved career slump…. Read More ›