Simple arguments

Two posts about gaping policy divides in Western society:

Firstly Chris Clarke of Creek Running North:

“some things are priceless, and the economy thus finds them worthless. “

Read the whole thing, which provoked the following comment from John from Uconn:

“If only we taught children that the invisible hand wanted to choke them to death.”

Secondly from Ampersand of Alas, a Blog on Why It Is Difficult To Believe Anti-Choicers Mean What They Say. As the recent Parliamentary debates on the abortion drug RU486 showed, the anti-choice movement here in Australia is still with us, are just as inconsistent as the American movement, and just as determined on forced childbirth for women who act as autonomous sexual agents.

I reproduce the chart Ampersand made to illustrate his arguments below, Actually, I changed my mind because my nice crisp .gif kept on getting posted by Blogger as a nasty blurry .jpg. Phooey. Go read Amp’s post over at Alas to see the chart he made on anti-choice arguments.

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