Iconic Trifecta

Slouch hats, Harbour Bridge and Opera House…

…all it needs is a bloody koala.

It’s a shame the boys with the big guns were in the shade while the morning sun was bouncing so brightly off the Opera House, because it really screws up the composition. They were there, of course, in order to set off a twenty-four 21-gun salute (note artillery box in foreground) for HM Queen Elizabeth II of the UKoGBaNI, who will be arriving at the Opera House to dedicate some renovations around about the time this post hits the blog.

And the cartoon character they are holding up? She is on a round-the-world trip from an elementary school in Kansas, being photographed having lots of adventures. I thought her school-friend back home might like to know that Flat Rachel was beside Sydney Harbour the same day as the Queen of England, as I notice the American media at least seems to get more excited about the royal family than we in the British Commonwealth these days.

She also met some fellow tourists in a spot with better lighting, so at least she got a good photo of the landmarks.

Flat Rachel is part of a Flat Stanley class project. So far she has been to Texas, Massachusetts, Lancaster UK, Oslo Norway, Zurich Switzerland, Perth and now Sydney Australia. Next she goes to New Zealand and then finally back home to Kansas. Phew!

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