Best. Hoyden. Evah.

Y.T. Skate-Kourier thrasher teen superbus. (The following book report is ending-spoiler-free.) Quite a few people told me I should read Snowcrash because I love science fiction. Why did none of them tell me I should also read it because one… Read More ›

Skepticism and Autism

The 31st Skeptics’ Circle is up at Terra Sigillata. Biotech, alternative medicine, climatology, religion and more. My favourite post is by Dick about his personal experiences with The Fleecing of the Autism Community. “These frauds sell crap, preying on the… Read More ›

SF Sunday

An interesting review of a movie, and some of its American viewers. I obviously will have to go see V for Vendetta, and track down the graphic novel too. So it has come to our attention that some people are… Read More ›

I could have done without this

Some readers with whom I’ve been invisible friends for some time know that my son, the Togster, has Asperger’s Syndrome, and thus has special educational needs. Like many Aspies, he is fairly high IQ and quite accomplished with maths/science/tech subjects,… Read More ›

Weekend Wining

Pinot Gris. Cold-climate Pinot Gris from the Victorian Highlands. We have drunk half the case before I paired it with the proper meal to not overpower it. Do not drink this wine with spicy foods, it swamps the delicate bouquet… Read More ›


Steak for dinner. A McLaren Vale 2003 Cabernet Shiraz. Aunty’s Friday Crime Night. Now Mr Tog is watching the rugby union and I am blogging. We both have Guinness. Happy St Patrick’s Day.