“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”

Heroic women: Grans lock on

VicForests has been clearfelling coupes near Toolangi (Mt St Leonard) in the Central Highlands of Victoria. This cool temperate rainforest is part of the tiny remnant which remains to us in this, the most cleared State in Australia. It’s the… Read More ›

A poster appearing around Brisbane

  Text from the spoof newspaper article poster that has started anonymously appearing around Brisbane, Queensland: DEMOLITION WILL HONOUR SIR JOH BEJELKE-PETERSEN An unnamed source within the Brisbane electorate today accused Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s LNP government of secretly planning… Read More ›

BFTP — Endangered Sunday: grey nurse shark

I’ve been in the water with a lot of sharks: leopard sharks, wobbegongs, Port Jackson sharks, grey and white tipped reef sharks and grey nurse sharks. What’s a scary thing I’ve encountered diving? That dreaded apex predatory homo sapiens. Homo sapiens is of course the big threat to today’s Endangered Sunday species, the grey nurse shark or carcharias taurus.

Small (Environmental) Economies

I think that most of us here probably waste far more than we need to (I certainly do), but at the same time, most of us probably have our own little small personal economies to reduce waste, and it strikes me that sharing these with each other could be useful.