Durban: a modest agreement

a dark skinned woman in bright blue modern African dress and matching headdress sits next to a large sack that says LET THEM EAT CARBON - she is holding a bowl of coal and holding a large piece up as if she is about to eat it

Hindustan Times:

Delegates agreed to start work next year on a new legally binding treaty to cut greenhouse gases to be decided by 2015 and to come into force by 2020.

The process for doing so, called the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action, would “develop a new protocol, another legal instrument or agreed outcome with legal force” that would be applicable under the UN climate convention.

That phrasing, agreed at a last-ditch huddle in the conference centre between the European Union, India, China and the United States, was used by all parties to claim victory.

The one significant success seems to be that the conference managed to get China, India and the USA to agree to the proposed timetable, breaking a longstanding deadlock between the three which has stymied global progress on climate change for far too long.

Brian at LP has a good links roundup of the conference progress as at Saturday, before the agreement was reached.

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