parties and factions

The most intense hatreds are not between political parties but within them – Phillip Adams, journalist

Canberra’s great communicators

I have found the last few weeks of relentless spin about Rudd’s sudden transition from last year’s alleged cynical spinmeister whose soundbites mesmerised a malleable public to this year’s alleged droning word-salad-tosser who can’t convey his vision to the voters to be the most tedious period of media non-analysis for years.

My two cents

1. There is no way known that Abbott can possibly win the next election for the Libs.
2. Joe Hockey dodged a bullet. He’ll do much better in the next leadership vote after Abbott and the Minchinoviks lose the next election.

The great Leader of the Opposition yawnfest

Rudd has so effectively wedged the Libs on virtually every issue of importance over the last year that they simply might as well not even bother turning up to the House, and I don’t think that’s a good thing for our system of government at all. I wish we actually had a more effective Federal Opposition (one here in NSW would be good as well), because I’m a firm believer that those holding the reins of government ought to be scrutinised and challenged effectively on a regular basis.

Spineless against the neocons

The Australian Labor Party is not in quite so parlous a state of spinelessness against the reigning neocon agenda as the Democrat party is in the USA, but neither party can be called either honestly progressive or clear on what… Read More ›