parties and factions

The most intense hatreds are not between political parties but within them – Phillip Adams, journalist

Dear Australian News Media: enough with the soap opera

Our Prime Minister announces the protection of the Malabar headlands in Sydney as a National Park, World Heritage listing of Australian historical sites, and the introduction of MySuper from 2013 – and all you can ask about is Liberal talking points regarding Downer, Rudd and leaks? Shame on you.

Elections and volunteering

what I’m particularly interested in is GetUp!’s call for volunteer activists to be part of GetTogethers aiming to coordinate local action within their electorates, focussing on 3 main issues for the 2010 Federal election

Baby kissing

Image credit: PM Julia Gillard and Treasurer Wayne Swan holding some babies. You know when you pick up someone’s baby you have that pleasedon’tcrypleasedon’tcry chant running through your head? I don’t feel it quite so much now that I have… Read More ›

Threads of Doom and the lurch to the right

While my wonkish side is partly thrilled to see so many people critically engaged with public policy for once, for them to come to it from a place of disappointment, suspicion and resentment over a previous incomplete understanding of the system is far from ideal.