Ooh. Ooh-ooh.

The “grazing occultation” of Saturn by the Moon. RING ECLIPSE From the Lunar Picture of the Day, via the Bad Astronomy Blog, the picture is a composite from astrophotographer Peter Lawrence.

So, my kids really are mutants

From Newsweek – Autism: New Findings in from Big Gene Study So what are the preliminary findings? What this shows is that there are rare chromosomal changes, what we call copy number variations, [associated with autism] rather than a single… Read More ›

A cornucopia from Cassini

JPL has put up a photo-essay of some of the best shots of and around Saturn taken by the space-probe Cassini. The moon Dione passes in front of Saturn (image from Astronomy Picture Of The Day) H/T Club Troppo’s Nic… Read More ›

What a show!

Regular readers, I’m talking up the Astronomy Picture of the Day site again. This was taken in Perth on Australia Day (yes, it’s a panorama made from separate shots). The faint streak in the sky just left of centre is… Read More ›

Happy Solstice

It’s nearly dawn here in London, although back in Sydney the sun is about to set on Solstice day. This is the reason for the season. If plans had worked out slightly differently, I would be at Stonehenge this morning… Read More ›

Mighty testosterone

LONDON ““ Fatherhood significantly reduces men’s testosterone levels, a study has shown. Researchers in the United States compared levels of the male sex hormone among single men and married men, both with and without children, among students. Those who were… Read More ›

Obsessive fans not just bores

They’re extinguishers of beetles, too. (via Barista) Addendum: serendipitously to the above link, I followed this link (via Bellatrys in a discussion at Pandagon) to a summary of The Poison Mushroom, Nazi pre-war propaganda against Jews. Ugh. Further addendum: The… Read More ›