Lenticular clouds

I just heard on the radio that weather conditions in Sydney today are such that there’s a high probability of a lenticular cloud forming over the city late this afternoon, as the day cools. If it does, it will likely… Read More ›

Yes and No

This post has been hanging around as a draft since February, because I wasn’t quite happy with it. Lindsay’s recent post (and my response), on how misusing “moderate” to describe faith positions which don’t preach intolerance imputes that the intolerant… Read More ›

“Moderate” language

Image Credit: Karen Wehrstein, Gliese 581c, uploaded by Phil Plait The picture has nothing to do with the subject of the post, it’s just v. cool (follow the link). Lindsay Bernstein, of Majikthise, has a post up talking of the… Read More ›


I haven’t posted here about the Virginia Tech massacre, because I had nothing adequate to say. I got in an argument about guns over at LP, and that was one reason I didn’t write on it here either. Sadly No!… Read More ›

The Card’nal Pell eau d’ordure

From an opinion piece that I missed back in February, by Sydney’s Cardinal George Pell titled Scaremongers: “Global warming doomsdayers” are all wrong because, amongst other things, “January also was unusually cool.” Meanwhile, from people who took actual measurements (emphasis… Read More ›

Friday Furry

image found on net yonks ago – will credit it properly if notified Courtesy of DarkSyde at DailyKos: yet another Bushco administration attempt to gag scientists working for government bureaus, this time the Fisheries and Wildlife Administration. “Please be advised… Read More ›