Ancients yet again smarter than thought

I love the way we keep finding that people in the ancient and prehistoric world were actually much less backward than previous generations of scholars thought.

Antikythera mechanism
image from Wikipedia

It was found at the bottom of the sea aboard an ancient Greek ship. Its seeming complexity has prompted decades of study, although many of its functions remained unknown. Recent X-rays of the device have now confirmed the nature of the Antikythera mechanism, and discovered several surprising functions. The Antikythera mechanism has been discovered to be a mechanical computer of an accuracy thought impossible in 80 BC, when the ship that carried it sunk. Such sophisticated technology was not thought to be developed by humanity for another 1,000 years. Its wheels and gears create a portable orrery of the sky that predicted star and planet locations as well as lunar and solar eclipses. The Antikythera mechanism, shown above, is 33 centimeters high and similar in size to a large book.

Via Astronomy Picture of the Day

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  1. May I call the assumption that our ancestors were intrinsically dumber than us Von Daaniken’s Disease?

  2. A very suitable appellation, Mentis Fugit. I like it.

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