– the rigorous methodology summed up by Carl Sagan as a Baloney Detection Kit

One man’s persistence

is probably a large part of the reason why the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has decided to send all its documents investigating reported UFO sightings to the National Archive where they may be readily examined by the interested public…. Read More ›

Duncan Fine talks sense on BMI

It’s not anything that our readers familiar with Shapely Prose don’t know, but using the BMI as the sole determinant of whether someone is overweight or obese is a really unreliable measurement. Given the hysteria this week about Australia’s “obesity… Read More ›

Sunday Skeptic Link

Book Review: The Afterlife of a Skeptic How the execution of a philosopher has been reinterpreted for every era The book being reviewed is The Death of Socrates by Emily Wilson, about which the reviewer has mixed feelings, but the… Read More ›

What was that?

If I were a less skeptical blogger I would be much more excited about what I saw high in the clouds this morning. I only saw a glimpse, but it was cigar shaped and glowing, and if I were the… Read More ›

So Similar

A draft I’ve had hanging around since last month: I’m trying to get these things out for some discussion even if I haven’t been able to wrap a bow around them to my entire satisfaction. Via Samara at The F-word… Read More ›