– the rigorous methodology summed up by Carl Sagan as a Baloney Detection Kit

The mantle of Galileo

“Alas, to wear the mantle of Galileo it is not enough that you be persecuted by an unkind establishment, you must also be right.” — Robert Park This quote was presented in comments at Pharyngula some months ago now, reacting… Read More ›

Your friends make you fat

(Subtext: so if any of your mates are a wee bit plump you better drop them quick smart or you’ll be rooned, rooned! Yay, let’s make fat people even more socially isolated and scorned!) So say all the headlines and… Read More ›

There’s an Office of the Messiah

It’s in Tasmania. Terence from the Office of the Messiah in Tasmania sends Richard Dawkins (and cc’s PZ Myers) long emails pointing out their multitudinous errors. Breaking News Be advised that the awaited Messiah and Divine Saviour and Just Leader… Read More ›

Yes and No

This post has been hanging around as a draft since February, because I wasn’t quite happy with it. Lindsay’s recent post (and my response), on how misusing “moderate” to describe faith positions which don’t preach intolerance imputes that the intolerant… Read More ›