There’s an Office of the Messiah

It’s in Tasmania. Terence from the Office of the Messiah in Tasmania sends Richard Dawkins (and cc’s PZ Myers) long emails pointing out their multitudinous errors.

Breaking News

Be advised that the awaited Messiah and Divine Saviour and Just Leader of the whole of humanity has returned into the flesh of this world to restore the purity of faith, being the doctrine of PEACE as commanded by God the Creator. Please advise all that he has a fresh and uncontaminated message from the Creator for humanity to prepare all for the coming TRIBULATIONS & utter destruction. It is now on line at:
Issued by Terence Malaher – Office of the Messiah
Pyengana – Tasmania 7216

The words emphasised in bold above are highlighted in different coloured fonts in the original email, which PZ has duplicated at Pharyngula. The different colours seem to emphasise different themes in Terence’s writings.

Via Pharyngula

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  1. Office of the messiah …
    Now those guys would have nice stationary i think.. !!!
    but you wouldnt want to get caught stealing any !!!!

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