Repellent rape apologists

revisiting what is apparently an old argument of his: that clear cut cases of rape and sexual enslavement of women allegedly ordered by God in the early books of the Bible might just not “really” be “rape”

My Easter Post on The Drum

Little did I know that leading churchmen around the nation were going to dedicate their Easter messages this year to painting atheism as mad, bad and dangerous to know.

Quotables: Jimmy Carter on Religion and Women

“The belief that women are inferior human beings in the eyes of God,” Mr. Carter continued, “gives excuses to the brutal husband who beats his wife, the soldier who rapes a woman, the employer who has a lower pay scale for women employees, or parents who decide to abort a female embryo.”

Friday Hoyden: Sister Donna Quinn

Sister Donna Quinn, a Dominican nun, has been involved in pro-choice activism in the United States for many years. From escorting women into clinics and protesting anti-choice legislation to fighting for women’s access to all levels of the religious hierarchy,… Read More ›