BFTP: Am I being too much of a snob?

Am I saving myself as much time and possible grief as I think I am when I refuse to read their blog if I click on a commentor’s profile and find that they’ve listed The Da Vinci Code as a favorite book?

Ethics classes to be offered in SRE time in NSW

Ethics classes in special religious education time (SRE) are almost certainly going ahead in NSW, in 2011 at least. What do you think? If you have a child will you or would you have them attend the ethics option in SRE time? Will you or would you volunteer to be an instructor?

Cardinal George Pell, humbug

He’s at it again: Faithless are coarse, uncaring and without purpose, says Cardinal Pell. Most of it’s typical tosh. We’re all utterly miserable hedonists, apparently. He even goes Godwin on us:

God Does Not Make Good Policy

Today’s Guest Hoyden is regular commentor Grendel, who normally blogs about coffee over at Cafe Grendel, and who has just taken up poliblogging at new group blog Distinctly Disgruntled, where this post was originally published. There are a number of… Read More ›

Flaming Oaths of Affirmation, Batman

MEMO TO SMUG TALKBACK RADIO CALLERS WHO THINK THEY’VE GOT A “HYPOCRITE” GOTCHA ON GILLARD: No, she wasn’t sworn in as Prime Minister with her hand on a Bible. That’s not compulsory, actually.

Quickhit: Senate Committee grills Scientologists

A Senate Committee is currently examining the tax-exempt charity status of Scientology in reference to a private member’s bill brought by Senator Nick Xenophon (Ind., SA) which seeks a “tax-law amendment that would require religious and charitable organisations to meet a public benefit test”.