Accessibility and Sydney’s public transport: knowing where you’re going

One thing that I particularly enjoy when I visit another place is figuring out how to use the public transport system. I like the fact that I can figure it out – that the tools provided are tools I am able to use. Some of the tools which are commonly available (sometimes online) are: timetables and route maps, route diagrams at stations/stops and in the relevant vehicle, stop announcements (visual and audio), signs at stations/stops.

Perhaps it’s ironic, but I think that Sydney is one of the worst places I’ve been when it comes to figuring that sort of thing out. This has a serious impact on the accessibility of our public transport.

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Liveable House Design

A new voluntary building code on house design is being released today by Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities, Bill Shorten.  (please note link is to the media article on the code, not the code itself). Some exerpts from the article (SMH 13.7.10 author… Read More ›

National Deafblind Awareness Week

I hadn’t especially considered whether improvements could be made here for those who are Deafblind, and I have no idea (yet) what their specific needs are for web access.

It’s now on my to-do list.

Blind folks can’t use

There’s a Do Not Call register, hosted by the Australian Government, at You can, in theory, register your home or mobile number with the register; “responsible” telemarketers then compare their shonkily-obtained “lists” with the Do Not Call register, and,… Read More ›

Sydney Opera House Accessibility Upgrade

It’s an amazing improvement from the previous wheelchair access through the kitchens and utility tunnels, and it’s good to finally see it happen since it was planned in 2003. Major architectural changes to landmark buildings aren’t built in a day, I guess.