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I just came across this website while looking for something else entirely. Anybody here tried it? Is it useful?

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  1. Accessible Twitter is an excellent alternative to the Twitter.com web site. It more simple and easy to use. It recently won the the 2009 Access IT @web2.0 Award. To learn more, view the Slideshare presentation Twitter and Web Accessibility.

    • Thanks for the links, Web Axe. Your site looks like a very useful accessibility resource – bookmarked for future reference.

  2. Web Axe: I looked for transcripts of your podcasts, but couldn’t find them. Am I looking in the wrong places?

  3. Sincerest apologies, but transcripts are not available for most podcasts. I know it’s ironic. I do the podcast on my own and don’t have the resources for transcription/services.

  4. I used to use Accessible Twitter and it’s really much better than twitter.com to use. There are a dearth of twitter clients for OS X which are OK for low vision users who need large print – almost all Twitter clients have a fixed font size for text or a very small range of sizes available.
    I have actually ended up mostly using TweeTree because having the “threading” functionality where I can see which tweet somebody is replying to, and embedded pictures/sounds/videos/RSS really helps with my cognitive and attention problems and I don’t need the advanced accessibility functions of Accessible Twitter.
    I’d definitely recommend both of them to people needing more accessibility – it just depends which accessibility functions are more important to you.

  5. Thanks for the input Ricky! I’ll add threading (at least the replies) to the task list. I currently support inline images (icon size) for TwitPic and yFrog.

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