Quick Admin Note: Links etc

If you’re not seeing links underlined in the post-content, comments and the sidebars, then you need to reboot your browser or dump your cached cookies so that you’re accessing the updated stylesheet. Test by looking at the note below.

This sentence should all be underlined because it is linked to a squeeworthy baby animal pic.

Please use this thread to let me know about any other accessibility issues with the new style. Or just squee if you want to.

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  1. I’m having trouble loading the main page. Everything is pushed to the right 😦

  2. Yah, me too – everything pushed to the right in Safari.

  3. I’m also using Safari. The other link doesn’t seem to be doing it. I’ll email a screen cap. Tis a new thing.

  4. OK, thanks for the screencap. It’s the damned header logo!
    I’ve made some tweaks. Any difference?

  5. underlying theme site looks fine, no idea how to do screen cap on iPad, and yes, only started yesterday (or day before?) and is still happening just now.

  6. It seems to be working fine now 🙂

    To do a screen cap on the iPad, press the home button and lock button at the same time 🙂

  7. Phew. OK, I’m going to try and bring the tagline down a tad – here’s hoping that doesn’t break it again.

  8. So, does it still look OK, PK?

  9. Yup, looks good, thanks 🙂

    Would you like another screen cap?

  10. Looks good to me too – PK, where do I find the screencap once I’ve done that? It made a satisfyingly camera-like noise 🙂

  11. /OT @ Rebekka – so what’s an Ipad like? Are they actually useful?

  12. It should be in your photos section 🙂

    I loves me my iPad. I do all my blogging on it.

  13. Mindy, me loves my iPad too, but not sure it’s all that useful as such in a day to day context where I also have a laptop and a smartphone. I think it will really come into its own when I’m travelling instead of carrying the laptop.
    PK I will check the photos section now!

  14. Yep, there it is! Ta, new trick!

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