Charles Perkins Oration: Marion Scrymgour

[Image credit: NT Labor Party] Via Aboriginal Art & Culture, the full text of Marion Scrymgour’s Charles Perkins Oration from last week. Scrymgour is the first female Aboriginal Minister in an Australian parliament. Whose national emergency?“¨Caboolture and Kirribili? or Milikapiti… Read More ›

Sinking Feeling

That was the first sensation I had when I heard about the demonstrations in Burma/Myanmar, because I felt that the junta would be moved to violent repression just like they were in 1988. I was too anxious about the possibility… Read More ›


Lost Clown writes about a woman in the UK who within a few weeks has moved from happily anticipating the birth of her baby to anguish over the prospect that she may never get to hold her child: Social Services… Read More ›

GovThuggery round-up

Atticus has “Secret police inquiry a whitewash” at Larvatus Prodeo Here is the unsurprising conclusion of the investigation into badgeless APEC cops: Police commissioner Andrew Scipione ordered an internal inquiry by the Professional Standards Command, which found there were real… Read More ›

The UN Declaration.

As you probably know the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People passed by an overwhelming majority. 143 countries voted in support, 11 abstained (Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burundi, Colombia, Georgia, Kenya, Nigeria, Russian Federation, Samoa, Ukraine), and 4 voted… Read More ›

Styling womanhood

[Headless Woman – Rodin] The Australian College of Midwives is looking for a new logo. And they’ve been looking for a while. It’s been a long, slow, bumpy process, and they’re now at the point of asking members for ideas…. Read More ›