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Privacy concerns, location monitoring, surveillance culture – especially relevant given the recent “Privacy is for Paedos” line spun by an ex-editor of the News of the World at the UK phone-hacking inquiry.

Why the 9 months delay?

I’ve also been waiting for one single news story on the matter to point out that it’s not just the soldiers at risk, it’s also the sexual partners of every single one of those soldiers over the last 9 months, some of whom may end up infected when that could so easily have been avoided by timely notification. So far I’ve seen nothing even mentioning the possibility.


Things are moving so fast around Northern Africa and the Middle East right now. History in the making.

Update: I’m designating this as an open thread on the uprisings and the attempts to suppress them.

Cardinal George Pell, humbug

He’s at it again: Faithless are coarse, uncaring and without purpose, says Cardinal Pell. Most of it’s typical tosh. We’re all utterly miserable hedonists, apparently. He even goes Godwin on us: