Time to go?

Image Source: The Age The Liberal Party have just filed into a Party Meeting to debate Howard’s future as Prime Minister. It seems to be shaping up as a Potemkin meeting, with reports that Howard has effectively stared down his… Read More ›

Women for Wik

Women for Wik are back. Women for Wik is a group of Australian women, including indigenous women and allies to the cause of rights for indigenous people. Founders and supporters include Lady Deane, writer Rosie Scott, former Chairperson of ATSIC… Read More ›

One whole day in committee

Andrew Bartlett notes that the Government has used its Senate majority to stifle thorough examination and debate of the legislation it’s proposing over indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and over water management in the Murray-Darling Basin: both bills were… Read More ›

Absolute classic

AussieBob over at Road to Surfdom does a spoof reply from our PM to the Kevin07 stuff – John007 | Cabinet: The Movie. Bonzer.

Insert tinnie/tinnie joke here

The Indigenous Affairs Minister, Mal Brough, has announced an exemption to the alcohol bans in 70 remote indigenous communities in the NT that were announced as a core component of the government’s Indigenous Emergency Plan to combat the sexual abuse… Read More ›

Slouching toward Bushism

And the police state lurches ever closer, with the SMH today reporting on proposed legislation for “New secret search powers”. The proposed powers would give police the right to execute search, seizure and surveillance under so-called “delayed notification warrants”, without… Read More ›