Whitewashing and white ribbons

Helen and Cristy both have absolute crackers of posts up regarding the widespread misogyny informing various religious and conservative thinkers who are coming out with variations of “but maybe the mad mufti had a point about you wimmin and your… Read More ›

I’m glad he said it

This is the most-viewed article on today’s SMH online: “All religions degrade women“. AN ANGLICAN archbishop has linked Taj el-Din al Hilaly’s inflammatory comments on women with the degrading image of “the sheila” in pub culture and the failure of… Read More ›

The veil dilemma

Speaking out against the veiling of Muslim women is hugely problematic because of the way niqab has been politicised, and also because the experience of North Africa shows that when Western feminists get shrill about Islamic oppression of women it… Read More ›

Tutu on Darfur

Last week Desmond Tutu wrote a piece for the The Sunday Times to mark the International Day of Action for Darfur on the 17th September. I didn’t know about that Day of Action, despite our fundraising for MSF in Darfur on Larvatus Prodeo not long ago: how many of us did?

Tutu’s article, A blind eye to genocide, makes for uncomfortable reading:

In Darfur 2m people have been ethnically cleansed since 2003, women and girls are systematically raped and tortured daily, there is cholera in the refugee camps and the violence is spilling into next door Chad, and all without the attention, or response, it deserves.

Seven’s slur on rugby international

It was meant to be a feelgood story of celebrity generosity. George Smith has shaved off his trademark dreadlocks and is donating them to be auctioned by charity CanTeen. The Sunrise team on Channel 7 were having a nice time joking about how they might be bought by the South African rugby players, seeing as they are always grabbing them during the game.

Then someone blurted [paraphrasing] “but who’d want them really? Greasy things.” Another team member quickly said “No!” and then the hole was dug deeper “Yeah, you can’t wash them, can you?”


Could I have a little less Islamofascism in my coffee?

Deltoid takes a few more whacks at his favourite pinata, Tim Blair. Tim Lambert channels Monty Python’s Spam sketch in response to Blair asking his fanboys whyowhy couldn’t ABC science wonk Robyn Williams write a book on the flaws in fundamentalist Islam instead of on the flaws of Intelligent Design “theory”?

Indeed, to get all subeditorly as Blair so likes to do (inserted obligatory cliches start here in bold), what unmitigated gall from Williams, writing about anything other than The Greatest Threat to Western Civilisation Evah(TM).

Conflict: Promoting Pride and Prejudice

As my last two posts illustrate, there appears to be ever more promoting of xenophobia both domestically and abroad against opponents from all sides, whether ideological/political/territorial, particularly as what was meant to be a lightning military campaign to effect a… Read More ›

Moronic twits and clap-trap

Daily Telegraph columnist Anita Quigley is shrill in her Saturday column about a Sydney pre-school which has introduced a curriculum which is friendly to non-traditional homosexual and transgender families. She’s “a strong advocate for a factual and concise sex curriculum… Read More ›