Another gnaw on the Bone

Pamela Bone’s piece, published on International Women’s Day, on the perceived kowtowing from Western feminists towards cultural relativism certainly stirred up a few reactions. I didn’t blog on it myself as my reaction was essentially the same as the one… Read More ›


From a comment at LP by cam of South Sea Republic: The muslims are the current beating pad for conservatives, yet immigration statistics suggest that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than the Australian born (Victoria IIRC is the… Read More ›

My my, LGF has bounced by

Perhaps that’s why, although you don’t like people on “your side” being described as such, I have to say that the Bigots, Homophobes, Sexists, Racists, etc – as evidenced by their very own words – can cry me a fucking river of boohoohoo about how they are being oppressed by being accurately described as Bigots, Homophobes, Sexists, Racists, etc.

Blog against sexism

This Thursday, March 8th. Coordinated by vegankid, who inaugurated BASD last year. Think about writing a post, and if you do, let vegankid know that you’ve done so. I’m probably going to be riffing off this excellent comment left on… Read More ›

Mori to do time? Unlikely.

So I turn on the tabloid TV this morning, and there’s much agitation about the possibility that Major Michael Mori, one of the military lawyers for David Hicks and a personal fave in the shyster ranks, may face charges that… Read More ›

Ignoring Islamic feminism

Firstly, a well-researched piece from The Guardian, Islamic Feminism On The Move: Muslim societies, from Afghanistan where female teachers are singled out for killing by a resurgent Taliban, to Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive or travel… Read More ›

Obsessive fans not just bores

They’re extinguishers of beetles, too. (via Barista) Addendum: serendipitously to the above link, I followed this link (via Bellatrys in a discussion at Pandagon) to a summary of The Poison Mushroom, Nazi pre-war propaganda against Jews. Ugh. Further addendum: The… Read More ›