Could I have a little less Islamofascism in my coffee?

Deltoid takes a few more whacks at his favourite pinata, Tim Blair. Tim Lambert channels Monty Python’s Spam sketch in response to Blair asking his fanboys whyowhy couldn’t ABC science wonk Robyn Williams write a book on the flaws in fundamentalist Islam instead of on the flaws of Intelligent Design “theory”?

Indeed, to get all subeditorly as Blair so likes to do (inserted obligatory cliches start here in bold), what unmitigated gall from Williams, writing about anything other than The Greatest Threat to Western Civilisation Evah(TM).

Deltoid, expands Tim’s morning paper conceit of an ideal Blairite news summary:

And the sport results: All Blacks defeat Wallabies but refuse to take on Islamofascism. Federer in straight sets over Roddick but Islamofascists remain in the draw. Crows grab narrow win over Collingwood but at a cost: injuries to McLeod and Burton but not insurgents in Iraq.

Entertainment: Meatloaf rereleases single: I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t take on the Islamofascists.

Yet curiously, in Blair’s 9 posts yesterday, only 7 of them mentioned Muslims at all! Cheap shot at Al Gore and global warming – no Islamofascism reference. Poor sad Blair sees his last column published by the Bulletin (I know you’re all gutted about that) – nary a fatwa mocked.

I love the smell of hoisted petards in the morning.

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