Ask the Hoydenizens

I always like these features on other blogs, so I thought I’d float it here. Do you have any burning questions for the Hoydentariat? Looking for readings on a topic? Have a dilemma you’d like thoughts on? Drop your question… Read More ›

A few questions for Hoydenizens

Todays guest poster is Liz, who is generally a Lurker. Liz asked us “Would you be willing to throw a few questions to the readers of Hoyden About Town for me?”, so Liz’s questions are now this post.

I’m wondering if you could help me out here? I’m doing a write-up on feminist blogs and online communities for this


Ken Parish of Club Troppo has just introduced what he calls the Tropposphere. The Tropposphere is a Clayton’s feedreader of selected news, opinion, and analysis. The aim is to aggregate the “best or most popular” Australian blogs who “consistently publish… Read More ›