As so often occurs, I find out about something neat when it’s nearly over

NaComLeavMo: More Conversation Than You Can Shake a Stick at

Arrgh, only a little over a week left!

National Comment Leaving Month: an initiative of Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters, a blog I normally wouldn’t have found because of its specific focus on an area that isn’t a particular interest of mine (infertility etc), but which I found through the delightful Miss Schegel’s The Whole of Her Sermon. Stirrup Queens writes:

Therefore, in honour of my own blogoversary (since I am so modest. Wait, and because community and conversations are very important to me and a huge reason why I write my blog), I am conducting NaComLeavMo–National Comment Leaving Month (the national refers to wherever you are reading) from May 25th to June 25th. A full month of intense comment leaving.

She has created a really nifty incentive structure to encourage different levels of commitment to leaving comments around the blogtraps, too. 214 bloggers signed up to the program before the cut-off of May 25th, and they are diligently leaving comments on each other’s blogs as I write. Go and check out the participating bloggers and see if you find something you like.

This really is a great idea, because it is the comments that make the blogosphere revolve. Comments are at the very least a recognition of the time and effort that bloggers spend composing their posts, a little wave to someone you’re likely to never meet but whose stories have affected you in some way. Comments also generate discussion and debate of interesting issues. Last but not least, when you comment on other people’s blogs people follow you and come and comment on yours. Comment Karma.

Last year when I wasn’t working so much I was a prolific commentor around the traps, this year not so much as I simply don’t have the time to peruse as much as I used to. But this is a timely reminder that sometimes the time spent agonising about what can I post today could be much better spent writing something on other people’s blogs instead.

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  1. re “a little wave to someone you’re likely to never meet but whose stories have affected you in some way. ”
    oh yes indeed; except Sermons rarely have jokes in them as I found when I wandered that way and commented in what I thought was a sisterly and supportive manner, I got bitch-slapped right outta the place. fk em.
    A resilient sense of humour is an absolute prerequisite for surviving motherhood.
    item 2 on that list is a tumbledryer.

  2. I’m not sure that leaving a slam against another blog is quite in the spirit of this post, Bwca.

  3. But it’s going to start happening again 🙂 We changed the name to IComLeavWe and it’s going to be held month. Sign up opens the 1st of every month and runs for 21 days. Then the list is closed, commenting storm goes from the 21st to the 28th. And then we breathe for a day and the list opens again. So sign up on the 1st of July. It will just be a week long rather than a month.

  4. Excellent news, Mel. It’s a fabulous project.

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