Ask the Hoydenizens

I always like these features on other blogs, so I thought I’d float it here.

Do you have any burning questions for the Hoydentariat? Looking for readings on a topic? Have a dilemma you’d like thoughts on?

Drop your question in the box with this contact form. I don’t guarantee to post any and all questions, but we could get some thought-provoking discussion going.

We won’t publish your email. We’ll only publish your name/nym and website if you say it’s ok. Feel free to pseudonym up.

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  1. Q: did you decide on the title of this blog just because you foresaw the potential for a large number of puns, or is that just serendipitous?

    A: I originally called my blog “tigtogblog”, which had a quite neat combination of alliteration and assonance going for it, but not much else.
    After a few months I remembered a tagline I’d been using intermittently in my .sig block on newsgroups for years – “Hoyden About Town” – which quite a few people had commented on positively at various times. I thought “now there’s a good name for a blog!”, and here we are.

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