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Katrina and Irene

Stories about Irene will be all over the news today, and many of them will say that the evacuation orders for low-lying areas, particularly in NYC, were an overreaction. They will say this because there have been so few deaths, so few tragic images for the news media. The people who will be saying this will be wrong.

Quicklink: Tim Lambert zings Andrew Bolt

Yes, Andrew: a pdf labelled ‘Chapter 4’ is never ever going to be the “whole report” now, is it? So perhaps your pronouncement that “not once did it mention floods” was rather courageous (in the Sir Humphrey sense) on your part.

BTFP: Wet summer

This repost is part of our Summer Slowdown revisiting of the archives. This post was originally published in 2007, at the time of the last La Niña event affecting Australia.