climate change

Bless: they’re still confused about weather vs climate

Not one of them seems to realise that the only thing that has ever stopped the UK (and other nations around the North Atlantic) from having the same winters as Moscow (at a similar latitude) is the twin effects of the oceanic Gulf Stream (North Atlantic Conveyor) and the atmospheric Jet Stream over Europe

Denialism and climate change

Having only so many endlessly whirling arguments to devote my time to, I haven’t written hardly anything on the issues of climate change and the vagaries of the denialists here in yonks. I’m not going to write anything in particular… Read More ›


I missed this last week, but Bernice explains why this number ought to be burnt into our brains.

Wet summer

How odd it is for me to write those words after the last few dry years. The word(s) of the last weeks has been “La Niña”, the sister phenomenon to the prolonged El Nino event that has brought us severe… Read More ›

Go go Gillard

As every media outlet cannot tire of telling us, today is the first day in Australia’s history when we will have a female (acting) Prime Minister, and as they are equally quick to reassure us, it’s only going to be… Read More ›