Quicklink: Tim Lambert zings Andrew Bolt

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Climate Change Denial | via climatechangehealth.com

Yes, Andrew: a pdf labelled ‘Chapter 4’ is never ever going to be the “whole report” now, is it? So perhaps your pronouncement that “not once did it mention floods” was rather courageous (in the Sir Humphrey sense) on your part.  Especially since it makes it blindingly obvious that fact-checking is a foreign territory to you.

Comments are now closed on Bolta’s post at The Hun, and none of the comments made since it was published on January 19th are currently visible. I wonder why?

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  1. Lambert zing Bolt? In your dreams

    • It’s hardly the first time, Phil. Bolt continually gets things wrong. I just thought a fuckup from Bolt of this magnitude was a particularly spectacular own-goal.
      A little bit of googling from Lambert found this in the same report (just not in Chapter 4):

      There is also predicted to be increased flooding … The IPCC has assessed south-east Queensland as being a key ‘hot spot’ for climate vulnerability by 2050, with risks of losses to the built environment from flooding, sea-level rises and storm surges (IPCC, 2007a).

      A commentor at Deltoid, Mike, did a word search of the full report (424 pages and 17 chapters):

      I searched the report and found flooding mentioned numerous times in Chapters 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15, and 16. Also included was flash flooding.
      I mean, this surely is a spectacular own-goal. I never realised the report mentioned so much about flooding consequences until I actually checked it myself.

      This is basic fact-checking that Bolt couldn’t be bothered to do before providing misinformation about this report not once mentioning floods (eta: plus all the other reports which mention flooding consequences that are also easily found just through the Qld Office of Climate Change website). He’s a lazy sod.

  2. Phil, I think you’re the one who’s dreamin’! Bolt’s famous for this kind of sloppy thinking. It’s only a particularly egregious example.

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