Predatory corporate capitalism

This is the phrase Robert Jensen (UT Austin) uses to describe our current economic system as not only unsustainable, but inhuman and undemocratic, in Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes. His goal is to outline to progressives how to discuss radical politics… Read More ›

Why so offended? It’s not like I said any bad words!

When people on the right complain about political correctness, I’m reminded how happy I am about the trade we’ve made over the last few decades – it’s more acceptable to use naughty sexual expressions, and less acceptable to use bigoted terms for women and minorities. Which is great, because it’s more fun and better for society to talk about sex (and to cuss) than it is to say bigoted things about women and minorities.

This is nasty.

Although I am, to quote an old Sandra Boynton gag, “eruditer than you” (or at least most), I still found reading through the composition quoted below involved more than a handful of false starts and reversals. Via Making Light, via… Read More ›

Lame jokes

I’m looking at you, Pavlov… Once there was a boy who had no arms, legs, or torso. In other words – he was a head. He used to roll to school, and roll home again. He was teased unmercifully, and… Read More ›

Invisible Lesbians!

Over on Larvatus Prodeo, people have been discussing the “invisible lesbians” in (or rather, not in) the press photo of Mary Cheney and Heather Poe’s brand new son. Cheney and Bush have all been carefully skirting press questions about their… Read More ›

Jerry Falwell, dead aged 73

So he got his threescore years and ten, then. TANJ, except that he simply won’t get the glorious afterlife he’s been expecting. The Carpetbagger Report has a timeline of various highlights of his bigoted authoritarian ranting career. (via Ginmar)


From a comment at LP by cam of South Sea Republic: The muslims are the current beating pad for conservatives, yet immigration statistics suggest that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than the Australian born (Victoria IIRC is the… Read More ›