From a comment at LP by cam of South Sea Republic:

The muslims are the current beating pad for conservatives, yet immigration statistics suggest that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than the Australian born (Victoria IIRC is the only state that records the country of birth). Interestingly the next generation, the children of immigrants, get integrated so well that they commit crimes at the same rate as Australians.

I can’t find a cite for this information on cam’s site, and would be interested indeed to find one. Not because I disbelieve or am even surprised by the data, simply that I would like to be able to point to a source before I use it in an argument anytime.

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  1. Check the Australian Institute for Criminology site, tigtog. That’s where I think the study was published. Used to have the link to hand, but dunno where I put it!
    Also I think Don Weatherburn has published on this, as has Scott Poynting of UWS.

  2. Thanks, Kim. Will check it out.

  3. tigtog, This pdf should have it. From that pdf;

    The crime rate of foreign-born population is lower than that of the nativeborn (Dr Morris, in his written comments to the Committee added an interesting qualification – crime rate amongst recent immigrants was lower than the “Old Australians” in similar financial and living conditions
    The crime rate of second generation of migrants is higher than that of their
    parents’ generation and this rate approximates the crime rates of the native-born

  4. Thanks very much, cam. That’s a good one to have on record.

  5. Interesting. I think I need to read that study, and comment on it. It’s certainly a different result from similar studies in Denmark (though such studies show that if you take socio-economical circumstances into consideration, immigrants and children of immigrants aren’t any more crimminal than the norm).

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