Friday Saturday Hoyden: Caroline Chisholm

This fairly blunt profile of Caroline Chisholm presents her as an impressive but uncomfortable woman due to her uncompromising standards, and came as a bit of an eye-opener to me in terms of sanitised school history: the fact that the young immigrant underclass women that she was training had been lured to the Australian colonies where they were left to fend for themselves and would have no options other than prostitution or crime to earn a living was very heavily glossed over

Some weekend reading

Firstly, the obligatory funny picture: From ICHC Dave at Orcinus: If conservatives really, really hate being called fascists … #6 … then maybe they ought to quit talking like them. Suzanne Kleid at McSweeney: ABSTINENCE-ONLY DRIVER’S ED: stamping out unbridled… Read More ›

I, for one

So the Blairites seem mostly to be resigning themselves to their fate, though I’m confident they will be like pigs in shit for their time supporting the Opposition. This thread laments the fake campaign pamphlets, Don’t bother with most of… Read More ›

Evolutionary Psychology Bingo!

PunkAssBlog has seen a Great Need, and filled it. Evolutionary Psychology Bingo! This particular bingo card specifically addresses the antifeminist/sex-essentialist uses of evpsych. My splorf favourite? “Confusion over whether they’re rationalising polyamory or nuclear-family patriarchy, but whatever they’re rationalising, only… Read More ›


Please tell me this site is a wind-up. Image source: screenshot from H/t to commentor Zwilnik at LP.