What the fuck, Catholic Church? War on Schnitzels

djerassiOK, “What the fuck, Catholic Church?” is like shooting fish in a barrel. But here it is, anyway. The next instalment in my “What the fuck?” series.

Roman Catholic doctors and cardinals are wetting their pants with glee over the fact that an 85 year old chemist who contributed to the original synthesis of norethisterone has now “confessed”, “recanted”, or whatever

Musing on male contraception

Until now both technical and psycho-cultural barriers have prevented the development of effective chemical male contraception, with the psycho-cultural barriers being the primary reason that there does not exist a sufficient potential market to drive investment in R&D to overcome the technical barriers. Even the MRAs who so bemoan women trapping them into unwanted paternity appear oddly unwilling to consider funding the R&D for an effective Male Pill