Musing on male contraception

Until now both technical and psycho-cultural barriers have prevented the development of effective chemical male contraception, with the psycho-cultural barriers being the primary reason that there does not exist a sufficient potential market to drive investment in R&D to overcome the technical barriers. Even the MRAs who so bemoan women trapping them into unwanted paternity appear oddly unwilling to consider funding the R&D for an effective Male Pill. After all, so long as women are willing to be the ones to mess with their metabolisms to avoid pregnancy, why should men need to do it?

Echidne speculates that were something to upset the ability/willingness of women to be the ones who bear the bodily burden of hormonal contraception, a potential market could well arise.

But note that the recent Bush administration attempts to equate the birth control pill and the intra-uterine devices with abortion might change that comfortable status quo. A male pill would do the prevention inside the male body and no stretch of pro-life imagination could make that into abortion!

Wouldn’t it be weird if that was what made the male birth control pill a reality?

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