That Ms. Cover

As no doubt the editors hoped, this cover for Ms. Magazine’s Special Inaugural Issue has generated a lot of controversy. Many feminists feel that Obama’s feminist credentials are not nearly as strong as they could be, while the cover has generated an escalation in panic-mongering and shrill we-told-you-so’s from the religious right plus a great deal more snark about Obamessianic visions and rainbow unicorns from the neocon right.


Ken Parish of Club Troppo has just introduced what he calls the Tropposphere. The Tropposphere is a Clayton’s feedreader of selected news, opinion, and analysis. The aim is to aggregate the “best or most popular” Australian blogs who “consistently publish… Read More ›

But are you paranoid enough?

Photo by solidstate The Larouchites are, bless ’em. Addit: And they seem to have confidence in overarching financial conspiracies to spare, having seemingly passed it on to some Liberal Party advisors. A plan so cunning, you could put a tail… Read More ›

Opportunities squandered

JOHN Howard squandered the benefits of the $80 billion-a-year resources boom and wanted to be re-elected so he could retire, Labor leader Kevin Rudd said yesterday. Defining the choice facing voters in one of his last major speeches of the… Read More ›