Another slice of stupid

Quoting verbatim from the lovely lurker who sent me this in email yesterday:

Look, even in these tough economics times we can still find the time to be contemptuous of women and their frivolous pursuits

I’m not saying it’s such a hardship to have to cook your own meals or go to pilates class, but sheesh. Everyone is cutting back on expenses, yes, even the rich, but to focus on what the women give up (to the exclusion of men) seems like a good excuse for some misogyny rather than anything else. Look how hopeless the trophy wives are *rolls eyes*

Yes, where’s the article mocking the bankers and stockbrokers for their tewwible twoubles as they cut back on cigars, sports cars and private golf coaching? Even where it mentions that wealthy adulterers are having to cut back expenditure on their mistresses, it still manages to mock the women (both the gold-digging mistress and the oblivious wife) while essentially giving the men a free pass.

Sounds to me like a gold medal winning double standard.

* title ganked from Lauredhel’s earlier post

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  1. Sorry Tigtog, I think I accidentally published over the top of you.
    Gold medal double standard all right. So first these women are rewarded for being trophy/high maintenance girlfriends. Then when they get used to the lifestyle and suddenly it stops they get slagged off for bitching about it. Disclosure: I have to admit I’d like being taken out to dinner a lot, and having massages and facials etc but only so long as I could still wear my daggy clothes and actually I’m not really cut out for this lifestyle.
    If I was having weekly massages and then could only afford them every six weeks I’d be annoyed too.
    But where is the article about the blokes bitching about having to smoke cheaper cigars, and drink less or lesser liquors. About not being able to take your mistress on holidays because your wife is watching the budget (oh you poor thing!), about the shame of buying your kids a second hand performance car. Cause I bet those stories are out there.
    Although I must admit to wondering about the private pilates classes and being embarrassed to join a class – if the private lessons were so good, then I would have thought that you’d be reasonably competent and thus not embarrassed about going to a class.

  2. There was also an article in smh about a week or so ago about how the economic crisis has caused brides to scale back their weddings. Not couples, but brides. And of course, that’s that most important consequence of the economic crisis.
    Sigh’s last blog post..“Put a ring on her finger”

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