Predatory corporate capitalism

This is the phrase Robert Jensen (UT Austin) uses to describe our current economic system as not only unsustainable, but inhuman and undemocratic, in Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes. His goal is to outline to progressives how to discuss radical politics… Read More ›

The irrational electorate and economics

Ross Gittins today in the SMH, regarding the bewilderment of the Howard government’s economic-rationalism ideologues as to why we sheeple aren’t more happy about the wonderful economy: It’s not only the economy, stupid Gittins points out that growth in real… Read More ›

A timeline to think upon

If Iran Were America (And We Were Iran): A Timeline This is a very well done example of reversing protagonists and putting shoes on other feet. It’s also a useful pointer for people who have been previously unaware of just… Read More ›

What about the sex workers?

I want to examine two points I’ve noted are repeatedly raised by anti-feminists, and both ignore certain realities of sex work. The first argument is against the idea that the gender gap in pay either exists, or, if it does… Read More ›

Workchoicesplace cases

Peter Lalor at the Australian‘s blogs takes a fairly standard potshot at our goverment deciding to rename the Orwellian Worckchoices scheme and then delivers a litany of cases of workers drastically disadvantaged by unscrupulous employers pushing the Howard government’s new… Read More ›

Knowing Your Market

Today’s Guest Poster “Little Jim” is a masked IT professional and blogger While the outside perception is that it is still a male domain (and indeed some segments of the industry are very much like a post office), within the… Read More ›