Procedure Fail: WisCon, Feminism and Safe Spaces

Readers who are already part of SF fandom have probably seen a lot of this WisCon 38 fallout already, but since this sort of institutional memory-holing of relevant history regarding serial harassers is precisely the sort of social convention that serial harassers rely upon in order to keep getting away with what they do, alongside the fallacy that harassers are obvious deviants who could never be part of my well-ordered community (when in fact they are commonly those with the well-liked/respected status to be given the benefit of the doubt when/if reports are made against them), it’s worth reading about the mistakes of communities with which one isn’t familiar so that one can learn about patterns to watch out for and procedural standards which need to be known and practised by decision-makers.

The Church Of Bob

There are the beginnings of a promising SFF fandom TOD developing over at Scalzi’s joint, for those who have spare popcorn lying around.

It’s ages since we’ve blogged about True Blood

I’ve loved every moment Fiona Shaw is on-screen as Marnie, although it wasn’t until I googled her bio right now that it finally clicked that why I knew her face so well was because Petunia Dursley. I also learnt that she’s just about to direct The Marriage of Figaro with the English National Opera. Versatility: you have it by the bucketsful, Ms Shaw.

Discombobulation: How to Stop a Geek in their Tracks

After viewing that image, your geek will be frozen in place, trying to explain all that is wrong with it, while you make a clean getaway.

UPDATE: Apologies to all folks using reader software, I only just realised that I bollixed the image alt tags earlier in the full post.

Whoydensday: Fanvids!

O, video editing software, how I love thee so! Actually, I have very little skill with video editing software, nor do I have the time to acquire such skills, but fortunately, there are plenty of people with an abundance of… Read More ›