It’s ages since we’ve blogged about True Blood

I’ve loved every moment Fiona Shaw is on-screen as Marnie, although it wasn’t until I googled her bio right now that it finally clicked that why I knew her face so well was because Petunia Dursley. I also learnt that she’s just about to direct The Marriage of Figaro with the English National Opera. Versatility: you have it by the bucketsful, Ms Shaw.

I’ve also enjoyed the wholesale departure of this season from the events as they happen in the original novels. Sure, there’s a hint of the spine left, but Alan Ball has kept many characters in the core whom Charlaine Harris killed off or otherwise sidelined (various TV audience favourites), so many other strands of the storylines now are so very different that it’s nice to be surprised by where he takes them.

I’ve been reading along with the Racialicious True Blood Roundtables episode by episode commentary this season too. Recommended for a great balance of thoughtfulness and fansquee.

SPOILER ALERT: I’m not including any spoilerific matters in the post, for the benefit of those following on RSS, but I fully expect that spoilers will follow in the comments.

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  1. Just testing whether my spoiler plugin works:
    [spoiler]I was very disappointed when they didn’t follow fully through on the Jason/werepanther storyline – I wanted to see him with whiskers![/spoiler]
    There should be an invitation to show some hidden text above.

  2. OK – Add show/hide text enclosed within (opensquarebracket)spoiler(closesquarebracket)(opensquarebracket)/spoiler(closesquarebracket)

  3. I definitely think they’ve done a fantastic job choosing the feature cast members for each season, though I thought the first few episodes set up quite a few threads that didn’t really go much over the course of the season. [spoiler]I was fairly disappointed with the fairy strand, since it seemed to promise so much in the season opener but then didn’t really appear again until the very end of Andy’s storyline.
    Also a little disappointed that as of the season finale the two queer romances have been cut off. I really hope that next season Tara has more of a chance to pick her romantic storyline back up. [/spoiler]

  4. My partner didn’t entirely believe me when I made the Aunt Petunia connection. Fiona Shaw was also brilliant in the BBC Gormenghast but I think that might go without saying!

  5. Fiona Shaw is in True Blood??? That is a whole bucketload of weird, for me. She is probably most famous for playing Richard II under the direction of Deborah Warner, although the pair also created an extraordinary Medea. She did Taming of the Shrew with the RSC, too.

  6. Have enjoyed her too in True Blood, that scene (SPOILER?) where she first brought a vampire to heel with a witchy spell while locked up in that cell? Loved the reversal of power.

  7. Also, can not let a discussion of True Blood go by without dragging it down to the sex – what an effing disappointment the (SPOILER) Eric and Sookie sex scenes were? I won’t bore you with my endless complaints, already subjected my twitter followers to it.. but how does a hot shower scene turn into a cold snowy bed scene?!

    • I’ve read speculation that Alan Ball is deliberately over-egging the fan-service pudding [spoiler]with the Sookie/Eric stuff because he (a) wants the fans to be more receptive to the possibility of Sookie and Bill pairing up again; and (b) he wants Eric to be really, really nauseated with himself when he gets his memories back. [/spoiler]

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