Sunday Gardening: Strawberry flowers, rockmelons, butternuts, and native shrubs

An update on our vegetable garden.

The citrus are coming along very nicely, and the pineapple gauva trees seem to have put down their feet. We ended up with a total harvest of around 35 kg of tomatoes before mowing the summer-fried vines under. As well as eating mountains of insalata caprese and fresh salsas and tomato sandwiches, and giving bags of tomatoes away, we’ve frozen large batches for adding to spaghetti sauces and curries, and have jars of tomato relish/chutney stocking the pantry.


Spring photos from around the world, culled from a Flickr image search 1. Reading in the flowers, 2. simply green and blue, 3. Have a quiet weekend ! 🙂, 4. Panonian sea, 5. spring snow beauty darkforce, 6. Today, The… Read More ›


A six-week old Asian short-clawed otter at the animal park in Neumuenster, Germany. Courtesy of Loutron Glouton, who also has some lovely shots of flowers.

Autumn in the mountains

Shots from Mother’s Day lunch in the Lower Blue Mountains. Below are close-ups of part of the view from their back verandah. [first image of the series in the Flickrstream] [slideshow] The cold snap the last week and the mellower… Read More ›