Sunday Garden

I love this Geraldton Wax.


Lots more below the cut…

My red dwarf kangaroo paws have settled into their new home.

kangaroopaw kangaroopaws

Our lovely friends helped put in the winter vegetable garden several weeks ago, aka “Four Shallow Graves”.

The lemon tree is cropping properly for the first time.

vegiegarden2 lemoncrop

Baby broccoli and leeks. And lots of pea straw shoots which need pulling!

babybroccoli babyleeks

The rosemary cuttings have found their roots, and there is self-seeded flatleaf parsley establishing a niche. (That’s lemongrass in the background.)

rosemaryclippings selfseededparsley

Lime and lemon blossoms.

limeblossom lemonblossom

What’s the flora up to in your neck of the woods?

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3 replies

  1. Oh, I like that first picture, too.

  2. Love the kanga paws. They look very happy. I bought myself a bunch of Gero wax flowers yesterday, too.
    On your prompting I’ve taken some pics of how my garden looks today: (only my 2nd ever post on my as-yet uninteresting blog)

  3. Wow, those are all gorgeous!

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