School holiday blogging: Bees on lavender

Taken yesterday.

bees on lavender flowers

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  1. That is a stunning photo.

  2. That picture really makes me think “plant sex.” It’s something about the fleshiness and folds….
    Anyhow, love it.

  3. Yes indeed, great photo! I swear I got a whiff of lavender…

  4. Wowa that is an awesome shot!

  5. that is a great photo.. I too can smell the lavender!
    [out of curiousity, is the lavender plant an “Anonview”?]

  6. Sorry, I know nothing about the specifics of the plant – it was a little patch at the Rivendell winery, near Dunsborough. Highly recommended for lunch, if anyone happens to pass through the area.

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